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Spotlight On – JEJE Produkt

Company Name: JEJE Produkt

When did you start the business: 1991

What are your business hours: 8.30 am to 5 pm Central European Time

About your business: JEJE Produkt is a family business based in the Netherlands, established by the Reinders family in 1991. Since its establishment JEJE has developed into a leading manufacturer of peel-off stickers and craft materials. JEJE Produkt designs and manufactures peel-off stickers in an exceedingly wide variety of types and sizes.

As manufacturer of craft materials JEJE Produkt produces and markets not only its own products, but it also manufacturers a large quantity of products for other companies under private label.

From 2008 to present days, brother and sister, Eric Reinders and Elly Pessel – Reinders manage the day-to-day operations of the company.

What do you sell: Peel-off stickers, Foam & tape, Adhesives, Sandy Art®, MarijRahder by JEJE Produkt

Consumers can subscribe to the JEJE Produkt e-mailing with the latest promotions and a workshop in almost each mailing. This e-mailing is send around 8 times a year.

Consumers can also subscribe to the Marij Rahder by JEJE Produkt e-mailing which is send 4 times a year.

Geographic locations you deal in:  JEJE Produkt deals worldwide.

How has COVID-19 affected you and what you are doing to service customers: The Covid-19 situation all around the world made even creative companies more creative. Working from home part of the time limits the amount of people at the company floor, and communication is very important. Nevertheless all circumstances we believe we can serve our customers as they are used to be served from us.

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