About Us

Our purpose at Creative Industry News is to offer an accessible news and information portal for the creative, crafts and hobby industry. Our aim is to enhance the sector by curating, creating and distributing relevant high-quality news and information to support and enhance the sector.

As the media partner for Creative Industry Association our aim is to support a more informed and invigorated sector, encouraging growth, a deeper understanding of relevant issues, events and ideas.

We work with integrity, with our fingers on the pulse of the sector to create conversations, open minds and create a support system to nurture our members and encourage them to thrive.

We want to help share business news, brands or product releases and any retailers, suppliers and creative professionals who are still able to be open and trading.

If you have editorial, news, events that you would like to get onto the or which in advertise contact our team on email: hello@creativeindustrynews.com

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