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Creative Industry News is a small independent, unbiased, accessible news and information portal for the global creative, crafts and hobby industry.

To enhance the sector by distributing relevant news and information, so that the industry can stay up to date on relevant new. We work with integrity, with our fingers on the pulse of the sector to create conversations, open minds and create a support system to nurture our readers and encourage them to thrive.

We want to help share business news, brands or product releases and any retailers, suppliers and creative professionals who are still able to be open and trading.

Our Features offer you great ways for you to inform, engage and educate our readers, there are:

  • BUSINESS NEWS: General industry news from around the world, movers and shakers, current information
  • EVENT NEWS: Promote your events as a news story and on our event calendar.
  • PRODUCT NEWS: Promote your new products, brands release or highlight sales.
  • SPOTLIGHTS ON: CREATIVE PROFESSIONAL, RETAILER AND SUPPLIER:  we offer free editorial spotlights to all Creative Industry Association members to help them highlight and promote themselves to the global industry.

If you have editorial, news or events to share contact our team via email: editor@creativeindustrynews.com


Creative Industry News is completely independent, we have no shareholders and no vested interests. Just the determination, passion and connections to deliver information, education and inspiration to the creative, craft and hobby community. All this is provided for free, for everyone, forever.

But we also need to put food on the table, if you would like to support our site with some advertising that would be greatly appreciated.

READERSHIP: All Users as of 19th October 2021 – from the last seven day 1.2K (up 141.9% compared to the previous 7 days)

The options and costs* are:

    • 728 px wide x 90 px high
    • Cost: £220 ($300, €260) annually** or
    • £60 ($81, €70) for 3 months
    • 300 px wide x 250 px high
    • Cost: £180 ($245, €212) annually** or
    • £50 ($68, €59) for 3 months
  • POP-UP: 600 x 600 pixels
    • Cost £30 ($45, €37) for 1 month

*All free if you are a Creative Industry Association member
**If annual space booked, these can and should be changed at least twice.


  • 1 header image 800 px wide x 120 px high
  • Up to 5 image: 500 x 500px; 300 dpi
  • 5- 10- word title
  • Up to 500- to 600- word description
  • Cost £100 ($136, €118)

To book any of the above please contact hello@creativeindustrynews.com


  • Accepted formats: JPG, PNG, GIF and third-party tags (if animated, maximum of four loops and GIF format required)
  • Submit back-up text ad (headline of seven words maximum, plus text up to 50 words)
  • Maximum file size: 40 KB
  • Please provide unique tracking links.

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