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Calligraphy and Meditation Class

Once a month, on a Wednesday, there is a Calligraphy and Meditation Class, it is essentially the same class but meditation variations. I am running it for the next four months as we build numbers for a 10-hour workshop spanning two weekends which will require attendance of at least one the Wednesday classes. I tell the students it is like a yoga class the more you more classed you attend the more you get out of it. The class is a simple pencil line practise with a guided meditation, rhythmic breathing and writing exercises. This class is 2 hours long with a 45minute Q&A afterwards and is only £5 per person per session. I felt I wanted something which was accessible and offered a calm space to practise and revitalise. There is an online group where you can post work and discuss you experiences. I have had some wonderful feedback from participants about the calmness and in shift in their calligraphy practise.

PAscribe Classes 2021 with Eventbrite link – Feb – July

Having a strong palaeographical background, I wanted to put the script in context for this reason, I decided to add Tuesday Lectures to complement the Workshops on Sundays. The Lectures are 2 hours long with a 45minute Q&A afterwards and cover a variety of calligraphic scripts. Most of the lectures are £5. I deliberately kept the cost low so individuals could attend as I am acutely aware of people’s financial situations in these trying times. You can take the lecture without attending the workshop. I cannot tell you how happy it has made me building the script lectures into the schedule, you will love them.

The first lecture is on the 16th of February and is an amazing lecture covering 3500 Years of the Western Alphabet. It really focusses on our manuscript tradition and you will see so some amazing hands laid out chronologically. This is an excellent lecture for calligraphers especially if you are looking for an obscure script to learn or would an overview of the scripts and hands we practise. It is also a great general knowledge lecture for non-calligraphers to understand where our 26 letters came from. This lecture is £20.

Workshops are 5.5 or 11 hours long and are on a weekend, usually on a Sunday, from 1pm till 6:30pm. I have some double weekend workshops as we approach summer, as I should be back to full health by then. I am planning a 2-month course in September and October covering the Gothic Scripts from a Palaeographical Perspective. We will spend every other weekend learning a different script. My Textualis Quadrata workshop will be essential to take this long course, it runs on the 11th of April with a preceding lecture on the 6th. I will post more on this closer to the time.

All the detailed descriptions for the classes, lectures and workshops can be found on their specific Eventbrite links below the short description on the attached pdf. You can simply click here for the pdf.

All events will be recorded. You will have access to them for 2 months to watch and practise along with them. There is also a group to join where you can continue your practise and connect with class members, these groups are workshop specific. You can purchase the workshops via Teachable and practise along with them at your own pace. They will be available after the live event.

There is also a newsletter where I keep you up to date on what is going on, it can be found here –

http://paulantonioscribe.com/newsletter/ please sign up for regular updates.

Thanks for your time and if you have any questions please feel free to email me at classes@pascribe.com Subject – PAScribe Events

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