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Company Name: Photocentric Ltd

What are your business hours? 8am – 5pm

About your Photocentric Ltd: Since 2002 Photocentric have been at the cutting edge of innovation in photopolymer, manufacturing a wide variety of materials that harden in light. Patent holders in visible light curing technologies, over the last 20 years we have supported and innovated in a broad range of applications; office stamps; crystal clear polymer craft stamps and more recently 3D printing – manufacturing a range of not only high-performance photopolymer resins but also a portfolio of revolutionary LCD screen printers. Our contribution to UK innovation, growth and manufacturing has seen Photocentric become the proud owners of three prestigious Queen’s Award accolades.

What do you sell:

  • Office Stamps – where it all began! Today, some 20 years later, making stamps with imagepac is recognised across the industry as the gold standard in making a polymer stamp.

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  • Craft – We are the world’s largest and most trusted manufacturer of crystal-clear polymer bespoke craft stamps. In addition to clear stamps, we also offer a growing range of other custom craft products to give creative businesses of all shapes and sizes more choice. Stencils, ephemera, paper-packs and craft dies are a few of the products currently available in our expanding craft product range. With our vision to enable custom mass manufacture, our latest generation of large-format printers, can produce both very large objects and small parts in high volumes.

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  • 3D Printing – We invented the use of LCD screens as the selective light source for a 3D printer. Today, this technology is disrupting additive manufacture worldwide.  Our large-format LCD printers, the largest in the world, are enabling the custom mass manufacture of parts and large-scale component printing at both unparalleled cost and speed for the first time.

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We sell our full product range globally and we also have a US subsidiary, Photocentric Inc, based in Phoenix, Arizona. We have a growing 3D distribution network of over 30 partners, covering over 60 cou

How has COVID-19 affected you and what you are doing to service customers: Since the outbreak of COVID-19 we have effectively changed our business. At the height of the global pandemic, we began to help with the acute shortage of PPE via 3D printing protective face shield components for hospitals both local and further afield. We turned our whole business over, utilising our large-format 3D printers everyday to produce tens of thousands of face shields every single week.

Early June we announced our Government contract to support the NHS with over 7.6 million 3D printed protective face shields. To fulfil the contract, we transformed our warehouse into a streamlined production process, where a print farm of over 40 new large-format printers operate 24/7. We employed over 60 new members of staff too. To date, we have manufactured over 1.3 million face shields for the UK healthcare contract.

NHS Healthcare Contract Press Release

Magna Print Farm

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