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Save money on your energy

The success of PES is built on a platform of trust, reliability and delivery of solutions that have always exceeded the expectations of our clients. As trusted energy procurement advisors, PES offers its clients straightforward, timely and simple to implement advice and solutions with a one-contact approach.

If you are a medium to large sized industrial or commercial business, either just starting to look at reviewing your energy usage and costs or have been disappointed with an existing energy procurement service provider, we’re here to help you achieve your aims.

Our end to end solutions mean that we can work with you across all of your energy requirements.

Whether you operate a multi-site or single site business, we guarantee to deliver a service that more than satisfies your budgetary and energy compliance requirements.

Services We Offer

Energy Procurement Consultancy

Our gas and electricity energy procurement services will provide you with a strategic cost management plan to reduce your energy usage and costs, often substantially, giving you greater budgetary stability.

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Energy Management Consultancy

We will assess, plan and manage the implementation of your energy management policies and plans, providing you with performance benchmarking and target monitoring to increase operational efficiencies.

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Carbon Emission Consultancy

Become carbon compliant and efficient in line with the governments mandatory Carbon Management schemes, using our expertise and systems in carbon management and reporting.

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Water Audit Consultancy

Our independent water audit and evaluation services identify ways for you to reduce your usage and water bill. You may be eligible for a refund dating back 6 years if we find you have been over-charged.

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As this surreal situation continues, we at Principal Energy Solutions are still working as normal, albeit from home, to help businesses to navigate this demanding time.

So if you have a Electricity or Gas renewal approaching give us a call to discuss, we would be more than willing to help in this difficult time.

We offer a free consultation and we will do our upmost to help save you money.

In some cases, our water audit programmes have reduced our clients’ costs by up to 80%. We have also been able to secure refunds for clients where there has been overcharging that the client was unaware of prior to our audit programme. The impact on the financial bottom line is measurable, as is the positive environmental implication. For one client, the financial benefit was not only an immediate removal of surface water charges of £8,000 per year but also a healthy refund of £48,000 as a result of overcharges for the past 6 years…

We recently saved a new gas customer £25,000 by moving to a new supplier and switching from his existing broker.

These are just two examples of savings (and refunds) we have secured for our clients.

Any further questions please give me a call (quote Creative Industry News) +44(0) 7880 331818 or drop me an e-mail:
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