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Yodel supporting The Ukraine Play Box

Our partners Yodel are supporting The Ukraine Play Box appeal – would you like to get involved too?

The Ukraine Playbox Appeal encourages families, children & people who want to support Ukrainian refugees arriving into the UK to create a play box full of toys, arts and crafts items and educational materials that can be dropped off at a local Yodel Direct store. Here, Yodel will collect these boxes of joy and deliver them to a network of community centres, charities and other organisations who are supporting families who have left Ukraine.

As members of the Creative Industry Association, there are plenty of opportunities to support this incredible initiative:

  1. Head to the Play International website and donate £5 and start creating your playbox to send to a Ukrainian child
  2. Pay £25 for a play box to be created for you and sent on its way to give the gift of joy
  3. donate some of your own crafts supplies to the Ukraine Play Box so they can be used within the £25 Play Boxes. Whether it’s a stamp, ink pad, ball of yarn, fat quarter, paper or glue your products could light up a child’s face. (please, no sharp items)

Sam Holden, Chief Commercial Officer at Yodel says ‘We’re delighted to partner with the Ukraine Play Box appeal. The correlation between crafts and supporting mental health and trauma is huge and I’m excited we can support both organisations through this fantastic initiative.’

Murielle Maupoint, CEO at Play Action International commented that ‘Ukraine’s children are going through incredibly traumatic experiences. By supporting them with toys, we hope to give them space to begin to process and recover from the experience.  With the support others, we will be able to ensure that children affected by the conflict are comforted by the generosity of people across the UK and know they have not been forgotten.’

Craig De Souza, CEO of the Creative Industry Association commentsWe know creativity brings people together, helps with positive mindset and wellbeing, and so we are delighted to offer our supporting to this great incentive and to help others in some small way’

If you would like to learn more about the Ukraine Play Box appeal and how you can help, please visit or contact


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