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Let’s look ahead to Autumn

We understand this is a very uncertain time for everyone and we’d like to say a huge THANK YOU for your support over the last few weeks.

One positive we can definitely take from the current situation is that thousand of people of all ages and abilities are now finding their new creative side!

We are accepting bookings for our huge Autumn shows that we are now predicting to be bigger and better than ever. All staff are now working remotely, but we are all here for any questions you may have.

Four amazing shows, thousands of visitors and an extensive marketing strategy for each event to include: large-scale outdoor media advertising, a comprehensive online advertising campaign, TV, PR & direct mail – what are you waiting for??

We are help to each and every one of you get the very best for your business! 

Call Rebecca on 07779 975 916 or email RebeccaR@ichf.co.uk

Creative industry Association has partner with ICHF consumer shows to offer unique business support for attendees wanting to start business and exhibitors who require additional support.

During the above ICHF shows you can book a FREE 30 minute meeting with Creative Industry Association to get advice, support and help. To book email: enquiries@creativeindustryassociation.org.

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