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Pure London, the UK’s leading trade fashion buying event, is bringing together some of the industry’s leading brands and creative minds to discuss the biggest issues facing the fashion industry today in a series of pioneering podcasts and articles available now on the Pure London website.

As the most comprehensive fashion showcase gears up for its next edition from 12th-14th February 2023 at the iconic Olympia London, Content Editor Lina Vaz speaks to industry titans from brands and companies including Stella McCartney, Models1, Immaculate Vegan and many more, to tackle issues including sustainability, inclusivity, and the future of retail and the metaverse.

Echoing the ethos of the live show, the thought-provoking Fashion Questions… content series brings together the brightest minds to challenge and educate while providing advice and actionable suggestions for brands and retailers.

Pure London launched the Power of One® initiative back in 2018 to raise the conversation around sustainability in the fashion industry and continues to champion this through the event and in this content series. On communicating your sustainability credentials, Philip Mak, Global Head of Content and Editorial at Stella McCartney, tells Lina Vaz, “The number one way a business can become more sustainable, or even more mindful and conscious in their practises, is to look at the amount of waste going out.  Within the fashion industry the amount of textiles that go to landfill or are burned is approximately a truck full every second which is completely unsustainable.

“When it comes down to material innovation and communication it really comes down to action, you can talk the talk but you really need to back it up by walking the walk”. 

Speaking practically about communication Phillip Mak adds, “We try and use words like conscious and responsible or better yet, we try to feather our communications with how something is better.”   

The fashion industry has also been at the centre of the conversation surrounding body positivity and faces many challenges as diversity has become an integral consideration to consumer purchasing decisions. John Horner, Director of Models1 agency says, “The preconceived idea of a model has changed quite a lot… and there is nothing that says you can’t have a different range and collection of models representing your brand.”

Looking at the future of retail Lina Vaz speaks to Doug Stephens, a retail futurist and renowned author and Nora Zukauskaite, global marketing director at Brand Agency London, a company that owns 3 beauty brands: Ciaté London, Skin Proud and Lottie London, on the metaverse and all things digital.

Discussing the role of the retail store Doug Stephens says, “Media where it is effective today, is the point of distribution.  It is not simply about putting out advertising messages but rather using content to engage customers online and create buying moments, that the customer can feel very confident about.  The opposite is happening in the physical space.  Brands that are recognising what is going on in the marketplace are using their physical stores not as a physical space for the distribution of product but rather using them as a really vital media channel and treating every customer interaction as though it is a media impression that supports your brand.”

Nora Zukauskaite explains, “Metaverse is the evolution of the internet when we are not observers but when we play the active part.  We, the consumers, and individuals, play an active part in creating it.” She goes on to say that the fashion and beauty industries are early adopters and the metaverse will compliment reality as the way customers interact with brands.  New technology is giving customers the opportunity to understand the story behind a brand or product which is incredibly powerful.

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Pure London continues to interview the brightest minds in the industry to create content which inspires conversation and change, all available on the website.  Pure London’s live show returns in February 2023 to present the best of the new season’s must-have collections, showcase the latest trends, exclusive business insights, and an unrivalled opportunity to network with a global platform for womenswear, accessories and shoes brands and designers to meet with buyers.

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