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Dremel launches its new multi-tool

Adding to an already impressive range of multi-tools, global craft brand Dremel has launched the Stylo+ retails at £56, and is versatile, precise and made for creatives and crafters to help produce the perfect finish on DIY and craft designs with just a single tool. The Dremel Stylo+ is also compact, lightweight and comfortable, meaning it can be easily used and for long extended periods of time. Thanks to its small and intricate design and ergonomic grip, it can be held like an ordinary pen, allowing for maximum manoeuvrability and precision.

Whether you’re wanting to carve a pattern on wood, personalise and engrave leather, or polish a piece of metal, this multi-tool can help do this. The Stylo+ can also be used on stone and glass, and for cleaning and sanding, allowing you to discover different ways to work with your new tool.

With the Dremel multi-chuck, the accessories can be quickly and easily changed without the inconvenience of fiddly collets. The Stylo+ features a separate on/off button to save your rotary speed settings, even when the appliance is powered on and back off again. The new multi-tool is also corded, which means you don’t have to worry about making sure there’s enough battery power and you can focus on the task in hand instead.

If you’re looking for more inspiration visit Dremel’s project page.


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