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Two become one…

Two become one…Matt and Paul Wright explain how Create and Craft and The Craft Store will move forward…

I know that you are eager to learn of what changes lay ahead following Hochanda Global acquiring the Create and Craft and I-Hub business.

First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support over the last couple of weeks and during this period of change. You will no doubt be aware that we have had a lot of decisions to make over the last week as to how we plan to take both brands forward and into the future. While some decisions have now been made, we still have many more to make which will continue to evolve in the coming weeks.

What I am in a position to share with you now, is that on 24th February 2022, we plan to condense both broadcast channels down to just one. While we would have loved to keep both Create and Craft and The Craft Store broadcasting independently, we do not believe that there is enough product supply currently available to us, that we require to make running both channels independently commercially viable.

It is planned that the channel will continue to broadcast as Create and Craft, and it will move to the EPG positions currently occupied by The Craft Store. The broadcast will be moved from the existing Create and Craft studios on Newark Road, to the studios and offices at Nene House in Oundle. We are confident that this move will allow us to retain the best of both channels where viewers will see familiar faces, sets, brands and products that they have enjoyed over the years, wherever they have been watching.

We will continue to operate both channels until this transition date and all pre-agreed airtime that you have will not change. Our buying teams will be working to schedule or reschedule any shows after 24th February, and we will be working hard to ensure that we can accommodate suppliers’ requirements as best possible.

Quote from Matt “Change is always scary and there are some uncertainties that we need to address, but at we are excited and everyone at Hochanda Global is working hard to ensure we offer great value, brands and inspiration as we start this new adventure that lays ahead of us!”

Paul Wright adds a few pointers:

  1. The brand Create and Craft will continue and our fantastic and loyal The Craft Store viewers and customers will I am sure embrace, the new brand.
  2. The Craft Store brand is not disappearing but will continue online. We are developing innovative ideas which we will share once we have successfully got through this difficult and challenging transition period.
  3. The ethos and focus we have nurtured over the last 5 years at The Craft Store on giving our guests time and space to demonstrate their products and inspire us all will prevail.
  4. Our shows will run for an hour each to give more time to those demonstrations we all love.
  5. For all of you loyal and dedicated crafters of both existing brands the merger means we can offer you all a much wider choice of not only the most popular guests and brands from the existing portfolios but also the best innovations from a growing band of smaller new suppliers, many of whom we have welcomed to The Craft Store over recent years.
  6. Create and Craft club members I can confirm your club and all the current membership benefits will continue under the new merged business. We may tweak some components in the coming months, but our aim is to deliver even more value and inspiration to make your membership more valuable to you.
  7. For those of you who have subscribed to our brilliant Tattered Lace subscription magazine, again your subscription is both safe and as with the club membership we will endeavour to improve the whole experience in the coming months, but as we have a lot on now these enhancements will not be immediate so, please bear with us.
  8. Once the merger is complete and we can disengage ourselves completely from Ideal Shopping Direct. We will be broadcasting from our existing purpose-built studios based in the lovely small market town of Oundle near Peterborough.
  9. When we merge to one channel it will be channel 85 on Freeview. We are still clarifying what the channel numbers for Sky and Freesat will be, but we will be sure to let you all know as soon as we can and well before moving day for some of you.
  10. Regrettably, as things stand today, the cost of a broadcast slot on Virgin is simply too high and completely uneconomic to continue. We will continue to talk with Virgin to see if a relationship can work which will keep us on their platform, but it is not looking hopeful, right now. As soon as we have a definite decision, we will tell you. I know that for those of you who currently watch Create and Craft on Virgin this will be a blow and I am truly sorry.

We know you all have more questions that have not been addressed. There are still so many things we, the team, staff, and suppliers need to do and want to do. This new and exciting acquisition is still only days old, so please be patient. There is still so much to do and decisions to make.

Quote from Paul Wright “My passion for the industry, to give crafters access to great brands, products, inspiration and drive creativity has never wavered. There is still so much to do, and we will continue to listen to our suppliers, customers and crafters to ensure we are providing the best service and access to crafts, arts and hobbies as we possibly can” 


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