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Intent to Merge with AFCI

Namta has sent, 21 June 2021, the following letter to its membership:

Dear NAMTA Member,

I am writing on behalf of the NAMTA Board of Directors and staff to share some very exciting news. NAMTA and AFCI, the Association for Creative Industries (formerly known as CHA), have entered into an agreement to begin the process to merge into one broad and diverse association representing all areas of the creative art industries.

Unlike many mergers, this was not a matter of necessity for NAMTA, but one of opportunity. It is an exciting endeavor to align two associations that have many synergies in the creative art industries. The leaders of both NAMTA and AFCI have discussed this possible partnership many times over the past decade, and after a very successful joint virtual show, and the upcoming 2022 joint physical show in Orlando, it became clear the time was right to move forward. 

The uniting of these two memberships will provide the ability to offer greater opportunities in both education, art advocacy and much more. Our annual trade show and conference will attract a larger and wider audience with much more for all NAMTA membership to participate in and benefit from. Most importantly, it will ensure the financial health and stability of the association for years to come.

We are sure some of you have questions and the Board and NAMTA staff want to provide you with the opportunity to have them answered. We’ve included a number of FAQs on this email, but please keep in mind a few items are yet to be determined.  In addition, we will hold a number of virtual Town Halls to allow you to ask questions and provide valuable feedback. Your input and support will be key in ensuring the success of this partnership.

We know change can yield both excitement and uncertainty, but we are certain the future for NAMTA is bright.



Steve Chamberlain

President, NAMTA

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