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Discovery: Instagram for Creatives

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Laura Strutt, the Editor of Creative Industry News, has been running her creative business Made Peachy, specialising in creative constancy, design support, editorial and social media managements since 2012. As the former Editor of Craft Business magazine and the launch Editor of Sew magazine, Laura has background in journalism and a specialist knowledge of the sector. As in internationally published author of over 13 craft titles  – many among the best seller lists – Laura is passionate about boosting the creative sector and growing skills.

Combining her unique experience of the sector and having worked for multi-million dollar brands, she has created a 79 page ebook to help you energies your creative business using your Instagram account.

I believe working smart, sharing knowledge, supporting growth and building a community is paramount for success. And, what’s more, there is room for all of us! You’ve grabbed this book because, like many of us creative folks, you are drawn to Instagram as a platform to connect, communicate and grow your business.

Great news! All of these things are possible. Whether you’re totally new to the platform or you have great intentions for a strategy for your business, but seem to start scrolling and lose your way. Whether you have an established full time business, a burgeoning side hustle, or a part time passion. This workbook is for you!

Together we will break down the nuts and bolts of Instagram and discover how to create a set-up that not only works for you, but also fits perfectly with your business and brand. Alongside explanations of each aspect of Instagram, I’ve also included checklists, exercises to work through, how-to guides, planners, and action plans to help you build, self audit and grow your own authentic creative business Instagram account.

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