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Wrexham based business Ellison Europe is expanding

Ellison, a global market leader in the DIY arts and crafts marketplace, opened its locally-based European headquarters, Ellison Europe, in Wrexham during 2005. Since its establishment, Ellison Europe has seen significant developments, growing from just a handful of staff to a powerhouse of employees that specialise in areas of design, marketing, sales, finance and even warehouse operations – with all teams operating under one roof.

Launched in 2001, Sizzix is a division of Ellison, and is widely recognised as the market pioneer and market leader of DIY die-cutting machines and products for the creative industry. The expanded workforce of Ellison Europe is reflective of the drastic growth of the business, with the Sizzix innovative products becoming a leading and trusted favourite amongst the creative industry. Sizzix is a global brand which can be found in over 100 countries, making the Ellison Europe base in Wrexham a multi-lingual centre which exports exciting Sizzix products globally to audiences in Europe, Oceania, Asia and beyond.
2018 has been a particularly exciting year for Ellison Europe, where the company’s Managing Director, Richard Birse, was appointed the next global CEO for his proven skillset, market knowledge and experience. Additionally, Ellison’s current Marketing Director for Ellison Europe, Fiona Lloyd, was identified as the natural successor to be the company’s next Vice President of Global Marketing and Product Development. This increase of responsibility to a global level is an acknowledgment of the successful functioning of the Wrexham base, and Ellison Europe is now looking to expand their office space to lead the company into its new phase of focused, global growth.
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