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Spectrum Noir launches new Colourist Collection

Spectrum Noir is launching its brand-new Colourist Collection sets, which aim to teach the user how to blend like an expert.

This set is the first in a new series of giftable kits, which combine a vibrant selection of premium grade Spectrum Noir markers, along with perfectly matched paper and card.

Each versatile kit also includes a colour chart for the markers included, as well as a full set of instructions on how to use the pens to create stunning depth and dimension

The Spectrum Noir Colourist Collection includes everything needed to experiment and explore with colour, including:

  • 18 premium gradeTriBlend 3-in-1 markers which include three separate ink chambers and colours in a single marker.
  • This results in a total of 54 shades to choose from
  • Carefully matched paper and card, plus full instructions, practice sheet and five colouring pages
  • Spectrum Noir’s Colourist Collection kit is presented in an attractive gift-box which doubles as storage.

RRP: £54.99

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