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Royal Talens & Elia partnership

Royal Talens and ELIA announce a unique partnership aimed to enhance the development of artisanal skills and technical knowledge at higher arts institutions. As a producer and distributor of art supplies, Royal Talens is excited to share its knowledge of materials and techniques in collaboration with ELIA, a prestigious European network for institutes of the arts, to help increase the proficiency and dexterity of future artists. Royal Talens also looks forward to learning from ELIA members, while playing an integral part in the educational development of a new generation of artists.

Both ELIA and Royal Talens share the belief that art stimulates our ability to express, learn and connect. ELIA’s aim was to find a corporate partner whose values and ethos aligned with their current strategic priorities. As a globally connected European network of over 260 art schools, academies and art universities, ELIA understands the importance of building a vibrant, yet closely-knit creative community. Whereas Royal Talens is committed to creativity, innovation and taking significant positive steps towards a greener way of life and making art. All agree that this is a partnership with great potential.

About the collaboration

ELIA – the European League of Institutes of the Arts – is a globally connected European network that provides a dynamic and multidisciplinary platform for exchange and development in higher arts education.

Speaking on behalf of ELIA, Executive Director Maria Hansen is excited by the potential synergies this new partnership will create: “This is a new step for ELIA. It has been our goal to find a corporate partner who shares our values and understands what ELIA is trying to achieve. With Royal Talens we have found alignment and look forward to building a mutually beneficial partnership which will serve everyone in higher arts education for the greater good.”

Royal Talens facilitates the exchange in knowledge of artisanal skills and technical know-how. “We work together with our own artists who will share their expertise regarding materials and their latest innovative developments. This helps the next generation of artists establish a solid foundation to use techniques and expertise to achieve expression,” says Ronald Benning, CEO of Royal Talens.

“It is crucial for Royal Talens to be in close contact with teachers, students and artists. This allows us to tailor our products to their needs even better. We look forward to receiving direct feedback during our collaboration with ELIA. Besides this, we want to work on developing a valuable relationship with artists. We are therefore extremely proud of this new collaboration with ELIA and see this as an important contribution to art education worldwide.”

About Royal Talens

Royal Talens is an international producer and distributor of high-quality fine art, hobby and office materials. The company was established in 1899 in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands and received a royal accreditation from Queen Wilhelmina in 1949. Nowadays, aside from their headquarters in Apeldoorn, Royal Talens has offices all over the world and is a global player with an international network spanning over 100 countries. Royal Talens houses several well-known brands, including Rembrandt, Cobra, Van Gogh, Amsterdam, Talens Art Creation, Bruynzeel and Sakura. These brands combined offer a complete selection of art and office supplies for beginners, hobbyists and professionals, ranging from paints, pens and brushes to sketchbooks, easels and everything in between.

Creativity is one of the most powerful human assets. It stimulates our ability to express, to learn, to solve problems and to connect. Ever since Royal Talens discovered that in 1899, it has been their goal to offer the very best tools to enable creative expression worldwide for everyone, regardless of their level of experience or age.

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About ELIA

ELIA – the European League of Institutes of the Arts – is a globally connected European network that provides a dynamic platform for exchange and development in higher arts education. It represents over 260 members in 48 countries, comprising some 300,000 students across all art disciplines. ELIA’s principal mission is to represent higher arts education across all disciplines and to be an influential voice that advocates and promotes the interests of its members throughout Europe and beyond. ELIA advocates for higher arts education by empowering and creating new opportunities for its members and facilitating the exchange of knowledge and good practice. ELIA realises its aims by organising events of various scope (ELIA Biennial Conference, ELIA Academy, ELIA Leadership Symposium, regional seminars, platform events and a large offering in online events), forming cross-membership working groups to advance knowledge, participating in research projects, and producing policy papers addressing topical issues. In all of these endeavours, ELIA collaborates with partner networks around the world, bringing together the knowledge and networking capacity of many discipline-specific organisations.

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