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That’s Crackers!

Get Yourself A Cracker You Can Pull Again and Again!

With 40 million Christmas Crackers ending up in the bin every year *, more people are looking to buy reusable ones. Craft Yourself Silly had such an amazing reaction to their Cracker Kits when they launched them last year, they have now made them available as pre-made as well as in a kit format.

With 99% or people saying that they throw their cracker gifts in the bin at the end of the day *, it makes sense to fill your own crackers with gifts you know will be appreciated. As these are fully machine washable, there’s no need to cry over spilt gravy either!

There are a number of designs available on the Craft Yourself Silly Website, or for a more personalised design, contact them directly to discuss your needs. All the fabrics are printed, mylar templates cut and crackers assembled in-house by the team, keeping the Carbon footprint down. Our Cracker Sets are as cheap as £1 per pull, so very economical as well. Even the packaging can be reused as it comes with printed jokes and puzzles which can be recycled year after year!!

The Craft Store are supporting our vision to reuse crackers rather than buying single use ones and have bought 10,000 cracker kits which they are using in a Nation Newspaper promotion.

Craft Yourself Silly, founded in 2013 by the charismatic Hayley Smith, is a North Shields based arts and crafts fabric supplier. Grown from a passion for soft crafts as a child, Hayley has since built up the range that has continued to grow and now has 2 in-house direct to textile full colour digital printers and specialise in 100% natural fabrics 0191 2960398 

* 20/11/2019 by Mark Hall


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